School Purpose

School’s Purpose

A key factor to the successful operation of a school district is establishing a common vision and mission, based on shared values and beliefs and working collaboratively throughout the system to find ways to successfully communicate and implement this charge.   While the vision and mission of the school provide the foundation of the school, all stakeholders must be committed to working toward this common goal.  The vision and mission of Muldrow School was developed many years ago by a group of stakeholders that included administration, teachers, support staff and parents and reworked this fall by members of a similar group.  This group worked together to communicate a purpose that would provide our students with a foundation that would allow teachers and leadership to continue building a curriculum that would empower students with educational tools to meet their needs after completion of this learning experience and prepare them for post-secondary education and the workforce. 

Although the mission of the school has changed only slightly, we feel that the essence of the mission “Succeeding Today, Preparing for Tomorrow, Inspiring a Lifetime of Achievement” is representative of the purpose that we serve as educators.  Our mission is inspired by our vision:  Muldrow Public School is committed to provide a high quality education ensuring students succeed in a community of high standards, are prepared for positive growth, and are empowered with the skills and self-confidence to attain lifelong achievement.

The beliefs and core values that provide the direction for the district are based on collaborative and continuous data-driven decision making, goal setting, and instructional adjustments necessary for optimum individual student achievement.  We endeavor to maintain a climate of excellence in teaching, learning, and behavior, frequently communicating high expectations for student learning and behavior, staff performance, ethical behavior, and professional practice.    We believe that students need differentiated, challenging, engaging academic instructional strategies.  These strategies should be based on current research and grade level standards, with developmentally appropriate materials, current technology, and learning experiences delivered by highly qualified professionals, in an equitable and appropriate learning environment.

Training in working as a Professional Learning Community has been central to ensuring that high expectations for our students is communicated and maintained within the Muldrow School District.  Learning to work collaboratively in establishing and working toward common goals has become a driving force.  Scheduled department meeting time allows for development of common assessments, review of student achievement, understanding of student profiles, and teamwork in discovering ways to better meet the needs of our students.  Through this training and collaborative effort, ways to implement practices that will meet our vision and mission are incorporated into daily endeavors.

Team, site and district collaboration is an integral part of a Professional Learning Community and of the Muldrow School District. A district Superintendent’s Advisory Council provides a time when all schools can share in establishing district goals, sharing successes, and finding ways to meet the needs that we have as a district.  Site meetings allow time for setting goals that are relevant to each individual school.   The weekly and bi-weekly department and team meetings provide the next step in meeting the needs of individual students.  As goals are set and the vision is reinforced at the district level, sites and departmental teams are then able to work toward meeting this common goal.