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About Us

All Elementary and Middle School Students Eat Free

School Lunch Program

The Muldrow Public Schools, Food Service Program meets or exceeds the guidelines and regulations of the National School Lunch Program. Our Food Services Program offers a complete, balanced lunch to all students daily. Each high school student has a meal account that he/she may use at any time. Parents may prepay for meals to be purchased through this account. We strongly encourage payment by check (per family account) as the most secure way to transport payment between home and school. Routinely adding money to the student’s meal account will ensure that he/she is always ready to purchase a meal. It is the policy of Muldrow Schools that all meals served in the cafeteria be paid for in advance. However, charges may be allowed upon the request of the parents. All meal charges must be paid by the 10th of each month for the previous month. A delinquent charge of 10% will be added if the charge isn't paid by the 10th of the month. Students having delinquent charges will not be allowed to charge meals after the 10th of the month unless special permission is granted by the administration. Students who are delinquent in charges will not be allowed to charge a meal. They may pay daily for their meal if they choose to eat. Any student who knowingly continues to charge a meal after being advised he cannot charge until his bill is paid will be considered in violation of school policy and appropriate discipline will be taken.

Free and Reduced Price Lunch Program

Free and reduced price meals are also available. Qualification for free and reduced price meals is based on economic guidelines established by the state and federal government. For more information contact the school lunch office at (918) 427-4081 ext. 4

High School Prices

Breakfast Meal Prices

Students .75

Reduced .30

Lunch Meal Prices

Students 1.35

Reduced .40