Football Game Duty Guidelines

Please read the following instructions regarding football duty.

1. It is vital that you be on time.

2. If you are trading duties please notify Liz Johnson in the Athletic Director’s office. If your name is on the roster the duty is your responsibility.

3. Junior High duty is done in two shifts. The first shift runs from 4:30 - 6:30, with the second running from 6:30 to halftime of the freshman game.

4. Stop selling admission after halftime of the final game of the evening. Athletic Director or Principal on duty will assist you with counting money.

5. For Varsity games the first two names will sell tickets, the third will take tickets. Its okay to trade these jobs if both parties agree.

6. Ticket taker will remain on duty until the end of the third quarter to prevent Muldrow students from entering and leaving.

7. Bleacher duty is done at Varsity games only, both teachers will be located in the main bleachers. Your primary job is keep aisles clear. If you need assistance an administrator will be close by.